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Windows Hosting has several advantages as well as disadvantages. Windows hosting is a good option if your website depends on visual basic or .net. The familiarity with the Windows operating system, is yet another factor. Active Server Pages or .ASP also prefer Windows hosting. Another fact is that Unix servers never supports .ASP technology.

Development for Windows Hosting

If you plan to have all the development in the programming side in the windows technology, then its always better to go for windows hosting. Linux or Unix does not support features based on Windows platforms

Advantages of windows hosting

The main advantage of windows platform is that technologies like ASP and .NET run on this platform. If your website is based on Microsoft .NET technology then it is best to have a Windows hosting plan. Also you can opt for windows plan if you want to run MSSQL database. You can run Access Databases only on Windows hosting plans. The main advantage is that for most people, it is the familiar OS

Disadvantages of windows hosting:

System resources consumption is more for windows plans. So you need a more powerful machine. The stability is less when compared to Linux hosting plans. System reboot is required frequently. As in Linux plans there are fewer applications that comes bundled with the package.

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