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Domain name: Computers networked through the identify websites through a unique code /protocol called an IP. A domain name is the verbal form of the unique IP of the webite. Thus we can easily refer to any website using its domain name.

Normally a domain name consists of two entities. In the case of mydomain.com, the .com is referred to as the top level domain. Top level domains include .com, .net, .edu, .org . Any domain name may have alphabets, numerals and the dash (hyphens). There can be up to 67 characters in a domain name.

Having your own Website

The present trend is that almost every one has a website. Before planning to develop a website you could get a domain name based on your name. yet another idea is to register a domain name based on your interests / business / profession. Thus you can have a domain name of your business firm or organization. In this way you can explain to the world regarding the product or service that you are offering and regarding your organization or company

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