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Hosting: Hosting means uploading your website to a web-server . In order to do that you have to purchase certain hard disk space on that web server and should purchase associated services. In most cases these services are bundled in the hosting package. There are 2 kinds of web hosting based on OS preference. Windows Hosting & Linux hosting In most cases, Linux server hosting plans are 20% cheaper than windows hosting plans. If you have no particular feature like shopping cart, database search etc, Linux hosting plans are acceptable.

If you use specific Microsoft products like MS SQL then you should go for, Windows based.

Things to consider while choosing hosting plan

Web Space: Decide how much space you want based on the volume you propose to upload. This include files like html pages, asp files, php files, images, videos etc... Select a plan that is most appropriate for you

Databases Hosting: Make sure that the host service provides database facility of your choice

24/7 support service: Make sure that your host provides round the clock tech support. In the internet business issues can arise all of a sudden. There should be some one to answer your questions all the time at the server end.

Price: make sure that you are getting value for money. Compare different plans and their performances. Cheep hosts may be poor performers. Always host your site with a dependable and reliable host

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